How it works

Yoni Sponges naturally conform to fit the shape of your vaginal wall. Once inserted they are so comfortable you almost forget its there. 


How to insert your Yoni Sponge


  1. Wash your hands (we recommend using a fragrance free natural soap).
  2. Moisten the sponge using warm water until its soft.
  3. Gently squeeze to rinse out excess moisture. You want the sponge to be soft and moist and bouncy, not soaking wet and heavy.
  4. Using your fingers, gently squish the sponge and insert into your vagina. TIP: Push the sponge all the way in until it feels comfortable. If its not comfortable chances are you need to push it in further. 

Most women tend to wear their Yoni Sponges between 6-8 hours depending on their flow. They should be removed and rinsed once they feel full, or before bed time. Find what works best for you to keep you comfortable and clean throughout the day.




When you are using your sponge during your period, there is no need to clean and sanitise every single time you remove and re-insert. Simply rinse out the sponge with warm water and place back into vagina.

We recommend cleaning and sanitising your sponge at least once a day throughout the duration of your period.

*If you happen to be out of your home and have to change while in a public restroom- we suggest keeping a bottle of water in your purse and rinsing in your stall. If you do not have a bottle of water- just squeeze out the excess and re-insert. Wipe any mess on your hands with tissue before going to wash at the sink.




Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Yoni Sponge

Soak your Yoni Sponge in warm water


You may create your own solution using the any of the following : 

1 cup of warm water mixed with either:

 Tea Tree Oil (1-2 drops) 
 Baking Soda  (1 tablespoon)
Collodial Silver (1 teaspoon)
Apple Cider Vinegar (1 tablespoon)


Women who suffer from regular yeast infections may benefit from the use of colloidal silver. Colloidal silver is known to kill nearly all pathogenic organisms in under 10 minutes. 

Tea Tree oil is shown to inhibit over 60 strains of bacteria. Isn't nature wonderful? 

Do not use harsh soaps or anything with fragrance or chemicals on your sponge. Even "natural" soaps may leave a film behind and disrupt the pH levels in your vagina.


Rinse your Yoni Sponge with water


Gently squeeze out after rinsing. Do not pull on your sponge as it can cause it to tear.


Air Dry your Yoni sponge


For optimal drying, try to hang in a mesh bag _____ in natural sunlight.

You may also lay out on a clean towel ensuring the sponge doesn't make contact with any areas that may be unsanitary. Make sure the entire sponge is dry before placing in your Yoni Storage bag.

Do NOT put your sponge in a clothes dryer or use a hair dryer as it can damage the sponge.


Other Tips to Care for Your Yoni Sponge


  • Your YONI Sponge is re-usable and can last 3-6 months with proper care.
  • DO NOT over clean your sponge. Over cleaning will cause the sponge to weaken.
  • DO NOT boil or microwave your sponge
  • DO NOT pull or tear your sponge. Use scissors to trim any bits rather than tearing or ripping off.